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Hey there lovelies and welcome to the 366 pages of my life ;> It's year 2012 and I felt the need to change myself. I need to stick to my goals in life. So I made this to practice myself. Basically, I have to post "one important photo" every single day. I hope this'll work *crosses fingers* If you're interested in my personal blog, refer to the nav. :)
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Friday the 13th outfit. Club 100 acquaintance party. 

Pink Diamond hi-lo dress. Blue strappy heels from eBay. Michaela bag. Vintage angel necklace and Usamimi headband as belt from Ate Pat. Bangles and ribbon from Mix ‘n Match. Funkberry watch. 

click img for hi-res.

036. Grades almost complete <3 Yay! I passed all subjects. teehee :3

035. Belated birthday party for my cousin + niece~ @Mano-Mano.